Valued Citizen Nominations & Awards

A Program of Recognition of Local Citizens of the Town


The Town will recognize citizens for their professional and or volunteer contributions to the community.



To ensure that the contributions of citizens are acknowledged and appropriately recognized the Council will undertake the following procedures:


1.              Written nominations in letter format brought forward by another citizen, group or by a member of council will be considered at a Regular Meeting of Council.  Written nominations are to include the name and address of the nominee, a brief explanation of what the citizen has done and the signature and printed name of the nominator along with their address.


2.              Any citizen may be nominated for any outstanding service or deed for the community.

3.              Recognition may be provided in any of the following manners:

a)   directly nominate a citizen for any municipal, provincial, federal or international award which may pertain to the citizen, or

b)   present a scroll, plaque or gift to the citizen at a Council meeting or other public function, or provide a memorial.