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Frequently Used Forms

Instructions: Print off the form and deliver to Town Office in person, by fax (403-647-3772), or mail (P.O. Box 270, Milk River, AB T0K 1M0) or email:

Volunteer Appreciation Nominations Forms

2014 Municipal Surveys Results

The intent of these municipal questionnaire is to gather insights from residents. Questions touch on both the long-term vitality of your community, as well as the day-to-day operations.Responses has been aggregated to provide a community-wide snapshot of issues and desires. Responses attributable to individual participants will not be disclosed.

Building Development Permits

The Municipality requires Development Permits for most development, which can be applied for at Town Hall or using the online form below. You must have a development permit prior to commencing development. Please note that you may require additional permits (e.g. Building, Plumbing, Gas, Electrical) for your development, and these permits may be applied for through Park Enterprises Ltd. at 1-800-621-5440. The Town’s Development Officer will be happy to assist you in determining what your project will require.


Water Turn On/Off Request

The Public Works Department will endeavor to provide the service at the requested date and time. Please note that the water supply to the property can only be turned on or off by Authorized Town Staff, not by an individual plumber or builder.


Bylaw Enforcement 

The Town of Milk River is committed to provide a desired quality of life for it’s residents and visitors.  The Town promotes education to raise awareness of community standards, and enforcement of Town Bylaws to ensure timely compliance with a professional unbiased approach.

Enforcement procedures may vary and are normally increasingly costly to the person in non-compliance, and may include direct enforcement, municipal ticketing, the seeking of a court injunction, or the laying of charges under the bylaw provisions.  Complaints may be different and the enforcement proceedings are decided upon based on the individual case.  Complaints will be handled as quickly as possible depending on the volume of complaints, co-operation of the property owner or person in violation, specific circumstances of the case, and enforcement proceedings required, completion of the complaint may have to be extended.

Some complaints received may be considered either as a civil matter between the two property owners, or as minor non-enforceable infractions.  These issues may include tree overgrowing property lines and location of property lines etc.


Volunteer Emergency Support Team

Volunteers are an important part of the overall municipal emergency response operations, especially in complex emergencies or those of long duration.  Volunteers assist the Town of Milk River Management Office in the initiation and support of any level of municipal or regional emergency operations such as providing short-term assistance to residents evacuated from their homes during an emergency such as fire, floods etc. To get involved please complete the form below;


Snow Angel Program

The Town of Milk River will like to express our appreciations to all the Snow Angels out there who help keep our friends, neighbors’ sidewalks and walkways safe this winter.

The Snow Angels Program was launched in 2012 to give recognition to community minded individuals and groups who lend a hand by clearing snow from sidewalks and walkways for their neighbors, especially those residents who can’t, such as seniors or persons with disabilities or health concerns.