A Quick Guide to Effective Home Drainage

 In most of Milk River, the sanitary sewer provides drainage for domestic sewage and for the water that comes through foundation drainage. This foundation drainage is what comes through your weeping tile. This tile is actually a pipe, perforated and buried at the base of your basement wall.


  • Ensure that storm water is directed away from your house and from your neighbours’ property towards the street or alley.
  • Keep your downspout extensions in place.
  • Fill in any settlements next to your house.
  • Ensure the ground slopes away from your house on all sides.
  • Seal cracks between driveways or sidewalks and the house foundation.
  • Disconnect downspouts that are directly connected to the weeping tile or sanitary sewer.
  • Consider installing a backup valve in your sanitary service line.
  • Do not overwater lawns.


Download a copy of  “How to Help Keep Your Basement Dry this Summer ” and follow the instructions.  This pamphlet is also available at the Town office.


For information about proper downspout, lot and roof drainage, contact the Town Office, at 647-3773.