Garbage Collection & Recycling


The Public Works Department has a streetside residential garbage pick-up program in place. The route picks up garbage on the north side of residential avenues and on the west side of residential streets, on Tuesday mornings. Our Garbage Truck has a large capacity and is capable of garbage bin tipping. The municipality accepts as many bags as properties have, however does ask that the weight and contents of the bags be reasonable as to not expose our collectors to risk. Garbage that is not bagged or is of excessive weight will be refused for pickup. The municipality is in the process of providing residents with garbage bins. If you are interested in receiving a garbage bin, please contact Public Works at 403-647-2339.


Commercial and Industrial Properties have garbage pick up on Tuesdays (for heavy users) and Fridays for all non-residential customers. The municipality offers garbage bins for purchase, which allows for quicker and cleaner pickup.


Transfer Station

Upon collection, waste is taken to the Milk River and District Transfer Station. The Chief Mountain Regional Solid Waste Authority , a regional partnership involving many municipalities, then assumes responsibility for the disposal of the waste at regional landfills.


Transfer Station Hours of Operation are Tuesday, Friday and Saturdays from 9am to 5pm.


For more information on the Waste Collection systems of the Town of Milk River, please contact the Public Works Department.



The Town of Milk River believes in a full recycling program, and as such has a Community Recycling Trailer located near the Milk River Bottle Depot located on 8th Ave. NW. The Trailer accepts the following items:


a) Newspapers and Magazines

Includes inserts, all glossy magazines, small catalogues (1/2” thick). Not in plastic bags.


b) Mixed Office Paper

Printed white and colored papers, coated and uncoated papers, manila file folders, copy paper, envelopes, junk mail. No plastics please.


c) Tin Cans

Wash thoroughly, top lid slightly attached and pushed inward, labels can remain. Do not crush.


d) Clear Glass Jars

Must be clean, no colored glass, lids must be removed (put metal lids in with tin cans), no glass, chinaware, porcelain or ceramics. Labels need not be removed.


e) Plastic jugs, bottles and food containers

Clean plastic jugs, bottles and food containers/lids with the recycling symbol 1-7 (please note: foam cups, garbage/shopping bags or packaging are not accepted). 


The Town of Milk River is pleased to have a full service recycling depot in the community, named the Milk River Bottle Depot. This facility accepts all bottles, cans, electronics, batteries and oil.


Milk River Bottle Depot
    Phone: (403) 647-2900
    Contact: Anthony Miller
    Hours: Tuesday to Friday  1:00pm – 5:00pmSaturday  10:00am – 3:00pm