Financial Services

As with any organization, the sound financial management of the municipality is essential. As such, the administration is responsible for the development and implementation of annual budgets, long-term financial plans, the establishment of effective internal controls to safeguard municipal assets, monitoring of cash and investments, preparation of financial reports and analysis to support effective decision making.


The administration also handles important duties such as the administration and processing of payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, ambulance billing, utility billing and mail.


Utility Billing:

The basic rate for water, sewer and garbage is $44.50 per month, plus a water consumption rate of $0.10 per cubic meter. Billing is done bi-monthly.


Utility charges can be pre-paid in January for the entire year to receive a reduction of one month’s basic charges.


Property Taxes:

Municipal Property taxes are based on a calendar year (January – December). Each year Town Council establishes a rate of taxation, based on assessed values of all properties, which they deem sufficient to pay for municipal expenditures that are not recovered from other revenue sources.


Taxes are then assessed and mailed out in June, to be due no later than August 31st.  Penalties are assessed at 2% on September, October, November and December 1st.  A further 15% penalty is assessed on January 1st of the following year on any and all outstanding balances.


Taxes can be pre-paid up to the amount of the previous year’s tax amount in the first three months of the year to receive a discount applied to your tax account. Payment in January will receive a 5%, discount, February 4% and March 3%. There is also a Monthly Tax Installment Plan available for those who wish to make monthly payments.


For more information on these programs and services, please contact the Town Financial Clerk.