Development and Permits

To ensure the safe and orderly development of the Town of Milk River, the Town of Milk River’s Development Officer administers the municipal Land Use Bylaw. The Development Officer also handles development permit applications and questions, with the assistance of the Oldman River Regional Services Commission (ORRSC) in more complicated matters. As well, the Town contracts the services of Park Enterprises Ltd. for all safety codes permitting (e.g. Building permits, Plumbing permits, Gas permits and Electrical permits).


The Municipality requires Development Permits for most development, which can be applied for at Town Hall. You must have a development permit prior to commencing development. Please note that you may require additional permits (e.g. Building, Plumbing, Gas, Electrical) for your development, and these permits may be applied for through Park Enterprises Ltd. at 1-800-621-5440. The Town’s Development Officer will be happy to assist you in determining what your project will require.


General guidelines for determining when a development permit is not required are according to the Town Land Use By-Law, and are as follows:


Development Permits are not required to:

  • construct an accessory building if it is less than 150 sq. ft in size,
  • erect gates, fences, walls, hedges or any enclosure that is not more than 3 ft. in height in front yards and not more than 6 ft. in height in all other yards,
  • the construction of a temporary structure that is required in connection with operations,
  • signs in a residential district which are less than 2 sq. ft. in area,
  • deck and patio construction that is uncovered and meets various yard requirements,
  • carry out works of maintenance or repair provided that NO structural alterations or major renovations are undertaken (ie. painting, carpet, etc.)

Any questions about whether or not a develoment permit is required should be directed to the Development Officer.


What do you need for the Application?
The Development Officer at Town Hall can provide you with a development permit application form, and will require that to be submitted with the appropriate fee and site plans. Note: These are minimum requirements and supplementary material may be required at the discretion of the Development Officer.


How long does it usually take?
Processing times for Development Permit applications vary depending on the type of development, and depending on if the use is permitted or discretionary. However, typically within a week a notice of decision will be filed, at which time the notification period will begin and appeals can be lodged. Should no appeals be lodged in the appeal period, the Development Permit will be issued after the appeal period and work can begin. Note: A Development Permit remains in effect for twelve (12) months from the date of its issue and thereafter is null and void.


Fee Schedule
Development Permit fees are as follows: (for building and other permit fees please contact Park Enterprises Ltd.)


a) Residential Buildings:
          Single Family Dwelling
Accessory Building/Additions (exceeding
100 sq. ft.)
b) Commercial Buildings (size determines fee) $30.00 – $100.00
c) Industrial Buildings (size determines fee) $30.00 – $150.00
d) Miscellaneous
          Public Service Buildings
Sign Permits
Land Use Bylaw Amendments
Special Notification Fee (if required)
$30.00 – $40.00



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