Bylaw & Act Information

For the Safety, Health & Welfare of the People


The Municipal Government Act authorizes municipalities, such as the Town of Milk River, to create and enforce bylaws to maintain the safety, health, and welfare of people and the protection of people and property in the community.


Introduction of a Bylaw
Every bylaw is introduced for a first time, and at first reading there is no debate. After first reading, bylaws that deal specifically with statutory documents such as the Land Use Bylaw, Municipal Development Plan, Area Structure Plan, and bylaws that introduce changes to existing bylaw that affect the public are advertised for a period of two weeks.


Second & Third Readings
Bylaws with statutory planning changes involve public hearings so residents affected with the change can speak for or against the proposed change. The bylaw is placed on the council agenda for second and third reading after the two-week period of advertising is completed. At this time, council can debate the bylaw or ask for clarification on proposed changes. After third reading, the bylaw is passed and adopted, making it an enforceable document.


Review the Town of Milk River’s Bylaws
The Town of Milk River bylaws are extensive and thorough documents that are available for reference by all. Bylaws available online are those that are frequently requested by the public.


If there is a bylaw that you cannot find, please contact the Chief Administrative Officer for additional information.


Submit a Complaint
If you would like to make a complaint regarding a violation of a bylaw, please contact the bylaw officer at 403-647-3773



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