Taxation & Assessment

The Town’s Tax and Assessment function is very important to its ability to raise the required revenue to deliver services in the community. To accomplish this, the Administration holds responsibility for the assessment of all properties based on their market value, and the application of Council determined property tax rates for taxation purposes. The Town also collects taxation revenue for both the Alberta Government (Education) and the Ridge Country Housing Authority (Senior’s Housing), making up a large percentage of the average property tax bill.


The Town of Milk River combined Tax and Assessment Notices will be mailed out to all assessed property owners in June of each year, and tax payments are due no later than August 31st of that year. Payments can be made in person at the Town Office by cheque or cash, by mail, or at most financial institutions through a variety of means.


For inquiries on the assessment system or your property’s current market assessment, please contact Benchmark Assessment Services. As well, should you disagree with your assessment, your assessor at Benchmark Assessment will be pleased to discuss your concerns with you, and consider a re-assessment if necessary.

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2013 Tax  Breakdown

Your municipal taxes pay for services such as bylaw enforcement, emergency services, street maintenance, water supply & distrubution, sewer & garbage, recreation facilities, social services, planning services, municipal administration and Council costs.



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